Property Management

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We have the staffing and resources to service anyone from the small landlord with single property to the investment firm with large numbers of real property investment holdings.  Further more, we use state of the art computer technology that allows owners to log in to our system at any time and pull up realtime reports.

For a Flat monthly fee we offer:

•    Prompt rental receipt collection/disbursement
•    Enforcement of past due rents
•    Collection and payment of rental taxes
•    Preparation of vacancies
•    Full Maintenance services
•    Itemized monthly accounting

Eliminating Liability
Initially, we inspect the premises to ensure no safety hazards are present then performing property inspections throughout our course of management.

Ready-To-Rent Repairs

Together we will decide if any repairs or modifications are needed. We will coordinate the completion of the specified items by contracting with quality vendors.

Master Market Analysis

Next, by utilizing a wide range of professional resources; we will evaluate your property in order to determine the highest price we can obtain for your property.  We will secure a quality tenant as quickly as possible.

Marketing Your Property

Your targeted marketing program will expose your property at the decided rental amount to the public via the Internet, Multiple Listings Service, and the posting of "For Rent" signs on your property.

Screening Tenants

We do take serious action on reviewing each prospective tenant's rental history.  We will contact previous landlords to find out:  Did prospects pay on time? Did they take care of the property well?  Of course, running credit/eviction reports as well as criminal background checks.   Importantly, we do not charge the tenant an application fee which allows us to have a larger pool of applicants.

Day-To-Day Operations

We collect the rent on the date it is due. We will disburse rental proceeds in the manner instructed by you. If rent has not been paid within the grace period, we serve 3 day notices to "Pay Rent or Quit." If the tenant still elects not to pay, we initiate legal action. Legal services are available from start to finish at a reduced rate if needed.

Precision Accounting

We provide you with monthly itemized accounting statements showing income and expenses related to your property in an easy to read format. At the year's end we will present a summary of your entire account. All work orders and receipts will be retained.

Leasing Services

If you enjoy managing your rental property, our Leasing Services Department can list your property for rent and screen applicants. During our screening process, we verify employment, rental history, credit history, and court history. You are then equipped to make an informed business decision in order to place the right tenant in your property.

We encourage you to investigate what so many have found to be the most comprehensive and trustworthy management company available.